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May 2009

Streets of London

Our first day here


Where do I even start? We're in London and it's finally sunk in - we're not in Utah anymore. Our plane departed from Chicago at 6:00 PM on Saturday; we landed around 7:00 AM on Sunday (around midnight Mountain Standard Time, which our bodies are used to). First things first, we took a cab to our lodging - Grand Plaza Apartments. My parents posed for this picture in front of the apartments.


We couldn't check in yet, so we strolled through the streets toward Kensington Park a couple of blocks away. We saw this eye-catching structure, extremely tall and old. It's called St. Matthews Church, an Anglican church part of the Church of England.


The exterior looked like it might have been burned at some point. I was so intrigued, I urged the family to sneak in and explore. My mom was extremely uncomfortable trespassing.

At Kensington Park, we were taken in by the park's huge size. It's home to Kensington Palace, which we didn't tour, but here's a picture anyway.

Annie, Dad, and I placed peek-a-boo; I tried to avoid encounters with swans; my parents lounged; and we payed homage to Queen Victoria.

027.jpg 042.jpg 032.jpg 049.jpg

From Kensington Park, we took a road called Queensway which was lined with ethnic shops and restaurants. We saw all kinds of Middle Eastern places, Indian, Asian, and more. I dubbed one part of the street "Little America" for its offerings of Burger King, McDonald's, Pizza Hut and other American eateries.


After breakfast at Bella Italia, we headed back. The lodging is great! We love the accommodations and its location in Westminster, a hood in London. It's a young, trendy part of town. Needless to say, we feel right at home :) There are small streets and old buildings, I really couldn't ask for more. I love the ancient architecture, tall trees, walkable roads, and its urban feel.

This is the cute corner park across from our room.


And here's the view toward the opposite way, taken from our breakfast nook. You can see the buildings across from our apartment. Are they great, or what?


The weather is lovely! We've experienced mid-70s degree F, and it looks like it's going to continue for the next few days. It's thrilling to be here!!!

More photos from the day here.

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The Plan

How I intend to use this travel journal

My over-calculating family never flies by the seat of their pants. In an unexpectedly bold move, they decided in a matter of three weeks to migrate halfway across the world - to London, then Armenia. I, however, have conformed to our typical standards: I've been planning this trip for months. After my graduation from a university (see pic), I was accepted to do a Yerevan-based internship for the Armenian Assembly for a couple of months over the summer. My family will hang out with me for a few weeks, then bounce back to the USA. I know they're going to miss me dearly after they leave. My hope is that this blog can help my family and friends back home feel connected to me during my travels. I'll showcase my excursions all around Armenia as I get to know the country and people. Stay tuned for more entries and pictures.


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