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Vardavar in Yerevan

This entry has no pictures. It’s about Vardavar, the one day I felt it prudent to leave the camera at home. Read on and you will concur.

During Vardavar, Armenians are given license to splash, squirt, and otherwise drench each other with water. Everyone on the streets is fair game, so why would anyone be so silly as to leave their house that day, right? To splash around and make sure everyone else gets wet! Well, the reason I had to leave the house was to meet the other interns to go to Water World. Unfortunately I didn't have time to play and participate in the water games.

We have a lot of kids in our yard, so I strategically redirected my route to avoid their clusters. I stealthily took to the streets and immediately realized I had to avoid the little demon kids with buckets. They knew right away we were Americans and felt compelled to initiate us. Also, they hate the sight of anything dry. All I had in my defense was a little water pistol. Despite its size though, I think its neon hues were intimidating to the kids who often hesitated to attack once I pulled it out.

Kathryn said I was being “paranoid” as we walked down Mashtots Street because I was frantically looking over my shoulder. “You’re right,” I thought, since I saw a couple of grannies walking by untouched by water. There was another young girl who passed by confidently. “I’m going to be fine,” was my last naive thought. Just then, the unthreatening boys who nonchalantly stood by became instantly possessed and attacked us with water! “NOOOOOOOO,” we yelled and took off running. Fortunately, they weren’t going to stray too far from the hose, their main water supply, so we got away.

Okay, people, we’re wet. You got us. However, that was not enough for them. Assaults also took place all down Amiryan, including buckets of water from apartment balconies above. A taxi driver even stopped to let us get away by running into the street. Contently unsoaked individuals smiled at us from their dry storefronts. If only I didn’t have somewhere to be, I would do a much better job defending myself. I’m sure I would even instigate attacks. Buckets, bottles, super soakers would all be employed. I love this holiday! Those kids on the street were just lucky I had prior engagements.

I arrived at the destination resembling the swamp thing: sopping clothes hanging heavy, hair stuck to the side of my face, leaving a trail of puddles.

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Oh fun, I'm jealous!! Sounds like you're having fun there girlie!!

by Kristen

Wow, already almost home! Yay! I want to go to the reunion but it is the opener of the hunt so Garrett will be out of town, not sure if I want to hit it up as a single mom or not...! It feels like we've been graduated longer than 5 years to me!

by Kristen

I am much more likely to go if you'll be my date! ;)

by Kristen

Ha ha I love your freak descriptions! I know you would have gotten those children, I KNOW!

by Annie Torosyan

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